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Shoulder Pads

AMKE Co. able to produce any kind of shoulder pads as customer's requirements. Any product shape are available in 4 colors White, Grey, Charcoal and Black. All wadding materials are available in cotton, viscose, polyester and foam, at the requested thickness.

We already work with the major exported suit factories, which work with the famous international brands like, BANANA REPUBLIC, CONCRETE, ZARA, BMB clothing and.…etc.

Felt Layers Materials:

We work in all the non woven felt materials uses as a top and bottom layers, imported from the major suppliers in Europe like, TENOWO GMBH in Germany, VATEKS TEKSTIL in turkey and another several suppliers in Asia.

Wadding Materials:

For non-washable suits:

AMEK uses internal wadding the Egyptian clean cotton.

For washable suits:

- We are using the virgin polyester fiber (1.5 D – 3 D) and also the polyester blended with viscose is available.

- For ladies and men shoulder pads a different densities Foam, cutting different sizes and thickness from 4 mm to 50 mm is available also.